Kakori Kabab


1 Kg - Minced meat (keema)(Without fat)
100 Gms - Raw papaya
Salt to taste

Masala A: -
5 Nos - Yellow chili
1 Tsp - White pepper
8 Nos - Cloves
2 Blades - Mace
1/8 Tsp - Nutmeg

Masala B: -
4 Nos - Black cardamom
6 nos - Green cardamom
10 gma - Coriander seeds

Masala C (paste form): -
50 gms - Copra (Dessicated Coconut)
10 gms - Poppy seed (Khuskhus)
5 gms - Shahi Jeera
200 gms - Khoya
100 gms - Onions (to be fried brown and crushed)

Grind into fine paste :-
Garlic - 1 pod.
Ginger - 10 gm
Roasted gram flour - 200 gm
Pure Ghee - 100 gm

Cooking Instructions:

- Mince the meat till very smooth (mince without washing as it helps in binding). Add papaya paste, salt and powdered masalas (A+B).
- Place the mixture in a deep pan keep a live coal in a katori or cup in the center.
- Put 2 tablespoons of ghee on coal and cover quickly for 'dhungaar'(smiking).
- Keep covered for half an hour. Mix crushed onions, paste C and ginger garlic paste. Add to smoked mince. Keep for half an hour.
- Add roasted gram flour and blend well. Heat skewers slightly and grease.
- Take a portion of mince mixture and spread on skewers with slightly wet hand into oblong roll around the skewers.
- Roast on kabab griller on live coal for few minutes till they turn to a golden pink brown. Take out carefully from the rods with the help of cloth.
- Arrange on serving dish and serve garnished with onion rings, slit green chilies and fresh coriander chutney.


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